Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update/Plans for the Summer


Whew! It's already June 19th! OK, so let's see...SCHOOL IS OVER IN 3 1/2 DAYS!!! Boo-yahh ;) But even with everything winding down, nothing is really getting more relaxing. I just had a crazy week with finals and handing in all these final projects and presentations almost every day last week.

AND...Monday (tomorrow) I still have to hand in one more project in one class and present in another class! I have get two tests that need correcting, hand those in, then on Tuesday we have ONE.MORE.TEST. *sigh* Then Wednesday we have an all day field trip to some state park and then Thursday is a half day! Then...............drum roll, please...............SUMMER!!!!


Summer. What a wonderful word. Sleeping late, pool time, popcicles, watermelon, BBQ's and time with the family. 

I have some summer plans for the blog as well: Starting in July, I'm challenging myself to read 30 books over the months of my summer vacation. (I will be posting a list of books soon)  I will be involved in some mini-challenges over at Holes in My Brain and others.

Reviews, fun posts, giveaways and more! Stay tuned for a long, happy summer here at A Corner of My Bookshelf!

I have been so bad at posting lately, but stick with me, because I have some great things in mind for these next couple will be good :)

What do you have planed?

Happy Sunday/Father's Day!


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  1. 3 1/2 days!!!!!! YAY!!!! And congrats! I'm so looking forward to exams to be over :) and good luck in my weird little mini-challenges! =D


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