Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Sweeter Rhythm: Short Story Review

At the request of T.L. Peters, I am honored to review this story.

A Sweeter Rhythm by T.L. Peters

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Summary: This story follows the life of a violin as it recounts its many ups and downs over the centuries, changing hands between those who love it and those who don't. (It was previously published by RED OCHRE LiT as A Sweeter Kind of Rhythm.)

My Thoughts: The first impression I got was that I loved the personality that this violin had.  It had a quirky personality that was all it's own and was quite a character. 
As the violin started to tell his story in detail about what happened to him over the years, I got sucked deeper and deeper into wanting to learn more about this violin. It had a strong voice, but unlike any other hero/heroine readers are used to because of the unusual nature of this particular character. 
Peters did a fantastic job using emotion in everything he wrote. He wove a layered story complete with detail and descriptions that were very intriguing. Having not read anything before by T.L. Peters, I am delighted to say that I will surely be looking into his other works. 

An all around feel-good story that stole my heart!

Cover: 3
Plot: 3.5
Characters: 4
Style of Writing: 5
Overall: 4.5

Would I ever read from this author again?: Yes!
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