Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini-Challenge (Day 2)

The second (and third) mini-challenges I'm doing for the read-a-thon are hosted at YA Bliss and The Bookish Type.

YA Bliss: The Love Triangle Challenge

1. Gale and Peeta in The Hunger Games
2. Sean Ackerd and Ezra Fitz in Pretty Little Liars

I could only come up with two since it was so hard to come up with even those!

The Bookish Type: New Synopsis

My new synopsis!

***When Katie gets a car, all she wants to do is drive it. But her parents won't let her drive at night quite yet. Katie is so mad that she sets out into the city of Boston, in her new car, in search of adventure. With the sparkling lights of the Boston Skyline over head and her music in her hand, she is having a great time. But then her parents find out that she's gone and they go looking for her. Will she end up back at home before they can catch her? Or will she have to face her parents and risk loosing her new car.***

Kind of cheesy, I know! But this challenge was fun!

Happy reading everybody!

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